Celebration Weekend
September 22-24, 2023

  1. Banquet Planning Team: Assist in the planning of the 150th Anniversary Banquet including catering, set-up/tear down volunteers, entertainment, decorations, etc.
  1. Concert Planning Team: Work with the Sr. Associate Pastor (Rev. Dr. Shonda Nicole Gladden) to plan the program, invite musicians, design set/decorations, organize rehearsals, and arrange technical aspects of Anniversary Weekend Concert(s). 
  1. Sunday Worship Planning Team: Work with the Pastors and Musicians to plan the 150th Anniversary Sunday Worship Service. 
  1. Contact Team: Compile a list of current and past Broadway members, friends, pastors, staff, and special guests, and make personal calls and send out invitations to the 150th Anniversary Weekend.
  2. Historian Team:  Build on the work of Broadway historians of the past to create an updated history of Broadway through today.  
  1. Program Team :  Work with the Administrative Assistant (Karen McAleavey) to design and print 150th Anniversary Programs and Invitations.