Roving Listener Corp

Assett Based Community Development

Too often we start with lack instead of abundance...

But we believe that everyone has assets that become visible when we ask what energizes them, and who supports and believes in them.

In 2004, former Broadway pastor, Rev. Mike Mather (2003-2020)  hired De'Amon Harges to be Broadway’s Original “Roving Listener,” to rove the neighborhood, block-by-block, spending time with neighbors, not to gauge their needs, but to understand what talents were present.  

Over the next few years, De'Amon continued to apply Asset Based Community Development principals to his work, and expanded it to include others.  In 2008 De'Amon was joined by Seana Murphy, Duane Carlyle, Marc McAleavey, and several mothers from the neighborhood to transform the Jubilee Summer Program for youth to focus on Roving.  Students went block-to-block meeting their neighbors to Name their gifts, Bless them, and Connect them with others in the neighborhood.   Together we honor one another by listening  and discovering the gifts, passions and dreams of our neighbors, and finding ways to utilize them to foster "community, economy, and mutual delight.”

Today the Roving Listeners...

Are both youth and adults who continue to see and celebrate the abundance of gifts and talents of our neighbors through the Summer JSP Roving Listener Corp (June-August) and Neighbor Happy Hours (May-November).   To join the Roving Listener  Corp, or to learn more, please contact Program Director, Nyia Grice at       
De'Amon Harges - Contact De'Amon and learn more about his work with his community development, learning and education organization, The Learning Tree, at, or  
"The Antidote" Documentary - View a documentary that includes a project that was born out of the gifts of our neighbors - The Biker Boyz & Girlz Bike Shop.  Streaming now on Apple TV.

"Nobody should have to move out of their neighborhood to find a better one."

- Majora Taylor -