Wolff von Roos

A native of Germany and raised in Indiana, Wolff von Roos is a young and active concertist and has performed in venues in the United States and Canada. Wolff has studied with renowned organists such as former Ball State University Professor, Raul Prieto Ramirez (now the current San Diego Civic Organist), International Concert Organist Katelyn Emerson, and Internationally renowned Professor Hans-Ola Ericsson of McGill University in Montreal, QC. Wolff was also a student at McGill University for the academy for organ. Wolff is now currently perusing his Bachelor of Music Degree in Organ Performance at Ball State University in Muncie, IN where he majors in organ performance. Wolff is most known for his interesting musicality in improvisation in which he has studied from the music of improvisers such as Olivier Messiaen, Pierre Cochereau, Jean Guillou, and others. He uses that skill often to accompany black & white silent movie films like Nosferatu, Phantom of the Opera, and more. In addition to organ, Wolff also is a Jazz guitarist, and enjoys writing tunes with his trio, Von Roos & The Wolffpack.

When not thinking about music, Wolff loves to make homemade cuisines, pour a glass of wine, and watch a good movie or some classic cartoons. Other times you’ll find Wolff in Chicago at Union Station waiting to board an Amtrak train “going anywhere” (to quote the band, Journey),

Wolff seeks to bring a bright light to the arts at Broadway.  He believes the arts are some of the most powerful ways to praise, to meditate, to lift your voice, and to make a statement.  And now with our newly restored pipe organ (affectionately known as “Queen Crimson”), he has a whole new door full of possibilities and ways to paint the church!

#BlackLivesMatter #MusicIsPower